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A lovely little 6' pram dinghy rowing boat

We currently have a 5 to 6 week lead time, if you require a dinghy sooner please do check!
Welcome to Otter Boats the Dinghy specialists manufacturing 6′, 7′ and 8′ Rowing Boats.

Our Small Row Boats are ideally suited to be used as Pond or Lake maintenance Boats, Recreational Rowing Boats, Boat Tenders and kids love playing in them on the water.

Made from tough (GRP) fibreglass in our workshop in Bideford North Devon, our dinghies are strong, light, durable and especially attractive. These Boats are virtually unsinkable due to the integral seats, there is nothing to rot or deteriorate so they are fine to be left outdoors all year round.

Deliveries and build lead times.

We currently have a 4 week lead time, sometimes faster if we can. Unfortunately, because we deliver our dinghies ourselves we can only deliver within a 300-mile radius of Bideford North Devon.

Our Dinghies

6′ Pram Dinghy 

Perfect for Pond or Lake maintenance for one medium size adult. Additionally, 2 children can have a lot of fun in this lovely little Boat. This 6′ Pram Dinghy is also great for use as a Boat Tender in very sheltered Harbours. (for more information click here or the top menu)

7′ Pram Dinghy

Great for Pond or Lake maintenance, recreation and Boat Tender it can accommodate one adult plus a child or small adult. Additionally, 2 or 3 children can play for hours in this great boat on a pond or lake. This 7′ Pram Dinghy is also great for use as a Boat Tender in sheltered Harbours. This Rowing Boat could be used on Slow moving Rivers, Estuaries, and Canals. (for more information click here or the top menu)

8′ Rowing Boat

Although our 8′ Dinghy is only one foot longer, it is far more substantial than our 7′ Dinghy. The same as our other Boats, it’s ideal to use on Ponds, Lakes and to use as a Boat Tender. It’s suitable for up to 3 adults (size depending) and very comfortable for longer rowing distances. (for more information please click here or the top menu)


We accept credit/debit cards and bank transfers. You can order through this website or by phoning us on 01237 474900 If you choose credit/debit cards you will be forwarded to our secure card provider WorldPay. (We do not store any card information on a system).

Special Edition Wood Effect

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We have perfected a truly authentic unique wood-effect finish that can be applied to all of our dinghies.


What are our Rowing Boats Being used for?

  • Pond Maintenance

  • Recreation

  • Boat Tenders

  • Fishing dinghies

Pond Maintenance

We find a lot of our customers use our dinghies for clearing ponds,  small lakes and getting to islands on their Ponds. Our boats are perfect for all these purposes as they are light, strong and unsinkable, with the added advantage that nothing on the dinghy can rot or deteriorate.


Our dinghies make great Boats for simply playing on the pond or small lakes. Children can have hours of fun and stay safe at the same time. We often fit extra seats making our dinghies more versatile for this use.

Boat Tenders

If it’s a boat tender that you require, then our 6′ Pram Dinghy is perfect for one person in a very sheltered harbour with a short distance to row. This little Dinghy can easily fit in the back of most estate cars and can be strapped to the roof rack single-handed.

Our 7′ is very similar, with the added advantage of being able to take a larger adult or an adult or an adult and a child.

Our 8′ dinghy is considerably larger, making it a more stable boat altogether! this larger Dinghy can accommodate two or three adults, with the advantage of being able to have a small outboard motor on the back.

Fishing Dinghies

Otter Boats are very popular with the inland fisherman who loves to have the choice of 3 sizes (6′, 7′, 8′) that we manufacture.

We are sure to have a Boat that fits your requirements. Please feel free to email or phone if you have any inquiries and we will be more than happy to help or advise you.

Terms and conditions

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