8 1/2ft Yacht /Boat Tender with bow


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Our 8 1/2′ rowing boat with bow makes for the perfect boat tender, It’s depth and high free board means that it’s both stable and seaworthy, it will take up to 3 adults and has 3 seats as standard, it has a white rubber fender, rail hardwood transom mount and aluminium grip plate to take a small petrol or electric outboard motor.


We can supply good quality aluminium or wooden oars and can add a decorative name on the stern or side of the boat. The stainless steel rubbing strake is a strip of metal running down the main and both side keels, this is sometimes required if the dinghy is to be going aground on hard surfaces, concrete slipways, etc. Dolly wheels are useful if the dinghy is to be moved any great distance on hard ground, it can be carried by two people very easily but wheels may be useful in some circumstances, (this style of wheels are not ideal in soft sand or mud.


Made from robust Lloyds approved GRP fibreglass, the centre and bow seat are airtight making the dinghy unsinkable the stern seat is a bench giving a little more space, included are galvanized steel row locks and stainless steel eyelet. There isn’t anything that can rot or perish on this dinghy.

Colours – Boat Names

Our standard colours are, Ultramarine Blue, and White, however, we can produce a dinghy in any colour for a small £35 surcharge, here is a link to the colours available Custom Colour Chart if there isn’t a colour that you like here we can make a boat in any other colour.


(you should see photos of the extras in our gallery below)

  • Aluminum oars £60.00 Wooden oars £115.00
  • Boat Name £15.00
  • Alternative Colour £35.00 (please email us with the colour after checkout)
  • Trainless Steel rubbing strake on 3 keels £65.00
  • Dolly retractable launching wheels £75.00


  • Length 8′ 6″
  • 53″ (135cm) wide and
  • 20″ (51cm) deep in the stern,
  • 22″ (56cm deep in the bow
  • Weight (to follow)
  • 3 seats, Centre, Bow, and Stern
  • Stainless steel bow eyelet
  • Galvanised Row Locks
  • Payload 190kg (i.e. up to 3 adults)

Delivery & Rates

We currently have a 5 week lead time, sometimes we can get a boat to a customer quicker but this would need to be checked with us first.

We deliver all boats ourselves and can deliver within mainland UK as far North as York, however, we can put our 6ft and 7ft boat on a pallet and deliver to most places in mainland UK (please email to check the cost).

  • 6ft Boat £95.00
  • 7ft Boat £95.00
  • 7 1/2ft Boat £115.00
  • 8 1/2ft Boat £125.00
  • 9 1/2ft Boat £125.00


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Green, Blue, White, Wood Effect, Custom Colour